Our team provided interior design and project management from concept to completion for this exceptional beauty salon project situated in the bustling heart of Midtown Manhattan, New York City - working with contractor, vendors & investors. Our journey was one of vision, creativity, and meticulous planning, with the aim of creating a salon that transcends the boundaries of beauty by doubling as a vibrant community space and an art gallery.


From concept to completion, our team was deeply committed to crafting an unparalleled salon experience. Collaborating closely with contractors, vendors, and investors, we embarked on an ambitious interior design project that seamlessly merged elegance with sustainability. Our interior architectural and sustainable design elements were carefully chosen to not only elevate aesthetics but also contribute to the well-being of our environment.


Our role as project managers was pivotal in ensuring the flawless execution of every aspect of this endeavor. We oversaw the intricate process, from selecting eco-conscious materials to implementing innovative design features. Our expertise in project management was crucial in ensuring that the salon's multifaceted purpose was realized without compromise.

Beyond its beauty offerings, this salon is a true community epicenter. The salon's art gallery, nestled within its walls, has hosted an array of events, including art exhibitions, workshops, and cultural performances. In summary, this Midtown New York City beauty salon project embodies the synergy of design, community, and art, as seen through the eyes of a passionate designer and project manager.

Services -

  • Interior architecture & sustainable design

  • Project Management

Goals -

    • Enhance the salon's commitment to sustainable practices by continually seeking and implementing innovative interior design elements that promote environmental well-being

    • Expand Community Engagement and Artistic Expression

    • Position the salon as an advocate for environmentally conscious beauty practices, attracting clients who value both wellness and sustainability


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