Step into the world of real estate with Jessica Cure, a down-to-earth visionary who's been shaping the industry for nearly two decades. With a childhood spent around construction and property development, she followed her passion for design, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute. But that was just the beginning – her love for design and business led her to excel in project management across various ventures.

Jessica's journey has been anything but ordinary. Her portfolio is packed with successful projects that highlight her diverse skills and her knack for managing complex endeavors. While she's ventured into different emerging industries, her heart now beats for real estate, where she's focused on helping investors achieve their goals efficiently. Learn more about Cure Designs Services.


What sets Jessica apart is her ability to handle all aspects of real estate projects, from finding the right properties to marketing them effectively. She's your go-to for end-to-end project management. Her approach fuses business acumen with nature-inspired aesthetics, crafting spaces that beckon and harmonize with their environment. Contact Jessica to request her as your real estate agent.

Based near Joshua Tree National Park in Twentynine Palms, California where she is a Planning Commissioner for the city and by the ocean in Huntington Beach, California, Jessica often jokes how the desert is just the beach without the ocean. Jessica is building her real estate dreams in places that are as awe-inspiring as her work. 

Beyond her hands-on work, Jessica shares her wisdom through her blog - Cure Design Style, offering practical insights for both newcomers and experienced investors. She covers everything from designing for how you want to experience your property to navigating the ins and outs of real estate investments, making her blog a valuable resource.

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