As a designer and project manager, I had the privilege of overseeing and completing a remarkable home renovation project in the heart of the Southern California desert. Our primary goals were successfully achieved, resulting in a property that has significantly increased in value and caters perfectly to the demand for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle that complements the unique desert environment. With a keen eye for innovation and functionality, we transformed this space into a harmonious blend of nature-inspired wellness and modern living.

Our vision for this project revolved around the concept of an indoor/outdoor oasis that would cater to a diverse range of needs. To accomplish this, we introduced a variety of hardscape features, including a spacious outdoor covered patio equipped with a sink. This patio now serves as a versatile space, seamlessly transitioning between an inviting entertainment area and a serene office space, perfect for the digital nomad seeking inspiration from the desert surroundings.

To enhance the wellness aspect, we incorporated a hot tub and a fire pit, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and mindfulness. The fitness center was strategically designed to embrace natural light and outdoor views, creating an inspiring atmosphere for workouts and self-care routines.

Another vital aspect of this project was the cultivation of the property's landscape. We introduced native plants, fruit trees, and a dedicated vegetable garden space. This not only added to the aesthetics of the property but also promoted sustainability and self-sufficiency for the homeowners. The landscape design was carefully curated to blend seamlessly with the desert environment while enhancing the overall curb appeal of the property.

In summary, our renovation project successfully elevated the property's value and appeal by embracing the demand for indoor/outdoor living in the Southern California desert. It now offers a nature-inspired wellness space for digital nomads and wellness enthusiasts, complete with hardscape features, an outdoor office, a hot tub, and a fitness center. The thoughtful integration of native plants and sustainable landscaping ensures that the property is not only visually stunning but also ecologically responsible. We are proud to present the final photos of this project, showcasing a home that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of modern desert living.

Services -

  • property development & partnerships

  • interior architectural & sustainable design

  • project management

  • investment strategies

  • strategic planning & marketing

Goals -

  • Increase property value, and expand livable space to create an indoor/outdoor lifestyle to satisfy the demand in the Southern California desert, including hardscape, an outdoor covered patio with a sink, hot tub, fire pit & fitness center, which can also be utilized as an office space.

  • Created a nature-inspired wellness space for the digital nomad and wellness enthusiast.

  • Develop the properties landscape, including native plants, fruit trees & vegetable garden space.


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